Calgreen Homes



Your Trusted Local Home Builder in Calgary, Alberta since 2019

We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid and quality handiwork every time.

Collaborating with architects and our skilled design team, we bring forth stunning and functional structures. Connect with us today and let our project management expertise and rich construction experience enhance your next project.

From concept to construction, our seasoned team collaborates closely with you, tailoring every detail to create a personalized home from the ground up. As an integral part of our process, you’ll engage with our carefully selected team, actively participating in the design and construction phases. Watch as the dream lifestyle you’ve envisioned becomes a reality, seamlessly integrated into the very walls of your home.

Regardless of the community and home size, Calgreen Home's is a builder who brings design dreams to life and visions to reality.

Calgreen Homes is a boutique home builder located in Calgary, AB building in Calgary and surrounding communities.


Functional design.
Quality elegance. Exceptional service.


We are committed to providing our customers with timelessly designed homes. Our teams work with our customers to build unforgettable bespoke homes focused on quality craftmanship that exceed customer expectations. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ visions come to life by creating a home that reflects their lifestyle.


Calgreen Homes takes pride in their work and is continuously involved in the community. We believe credibility matters, by being involved with industry leading organizations we can ensure that we are keeping our clients’ best interests in mind.