Our Process



Embarking on the Journey

Let’s Begin with a Warm Meet and Greet. Our Team Listens and Discovers Your Dream Home Aspirations

Evaluating the Landscape

We meticulously assess existing conditions, identify potential risks, and present a comprehensive proposal delineating the project scope along with estimated costs. Our detailed proposal equips you with a clear understanding of the financial, emotional, and time commitments required, laying a solid foundation for the journey ahead.



Harmony in Design

Our collaborative approach blends creativity with precision, ensuring a well-defined scope of work, budget, and schedule. Striking the perfect balance to bring your vision to life with clarity and innovation.

By immersing ourselves in your preferences and collaborating closely with our design team, we help uncover your aesthetic desires and desired levels of finish. Offering product and material recommendations, along with elevation and millwork drawings, we guide you through possibilities for your home. Through detailed drawings, sketches, and 3-D renderings, we present scenarios illustrating physical layouts and the corresponding structural and mechanical elements. This comprehensive approach provides you with a clearer understanding of the scope of work, and these resources are thoughtfully examined for cost alignment.


PLAN + Pre-Construction

Strategic Planning, Seamless Execution

Our disciplined planning ensures the acquisition of all necessary approvals and permits, aligns the essential resources, and establishes a Fixed Price, Fixed Schedule—providing a solid framework for a smooth and successful project execution.

Our commitment involves constant monitoring and interaction throughout the process. We carefully watch budgets to ensure the lowest costs, stay atop schedules for timely delivery, and collaborate closely with the design team to bring your unique vision to life.

Throughout the planning process, as project scope, specifications, costs, and scheduling information evolve, we uphold complete transparency. You have unrestricted access to these documents at any time, ensuring you are informed every step of the way. Prior to finalizing the fixed price and schedule commitments, the conclusive documents are meticulously reviewed and approved for your confidence.


Design with Calgreen.

When building a home with Calgreen you will work directly with a designer to explore and create your fully customized home to your liking, from paint selections, cabinetry style and different finishes, the power of personalization is in your hands